Project Werewolf

Based on Nazi era research, this project’s goals included restoring maimed soldiers and creating stronger faster warriors. The results are a qualified success.

See Nazi Occult p.67 for original research details.

Current research, headed by the mysterious Dr. Joseph Gerhard, rebuilt fallen soldiers using transplanted organs and limbs, unique hormone injections and xenotropic genetic transfusions.

Most of the subjects suffered psychosis, gross physical transformations, and became ravening monsters. The good doctor “trained” these creatures to function as supernatural attack dogs.

Others can control the rage using synthetic adrenaline injections. These operative then double as agents for the U.S. government and the conspiracy.

But now the facility lies in ruins and all administrative personnel are dead.



Also included in a skilled medical team of six doctors and nurses. A security detail watches over the facility at which they work.

The Castle

The operations main facility were located in a ruined castle southeast of Landstuhl. Here watched by a crack team of security personnel, Gerhard’s team worked on improving the success ratio of the project (from the currently abysmal 16%). Steven Lynch also worked on site and Dr. Milagros Gomez made regular visits as did the operatives.

A half dozen Feral Werewolves were kept here.

Motion sensors, cameras, and like make approach difficult. The doors are locked with key swipes/pin number locks. The security team is made up of about 10 unseasoned agents.

Inside the castle, the upper levels consist of offices, bunks and bedrooms, administration, a small cafeteria, and kitchen. Below that in what were the dungeons, is a sterile medical facility, including more offices, secure records, a computer system, operating rooms, and the werewolf kennels. A hidden tunnel leads from somewhere in the lower levels to a hidden exit 2 miles away. Another route leads to the surface outside the castle walls, secured by an electronically locked door.

Project Werewolf

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