The Koernersbank is a small Swiss private bank, catering to wealthy clients who value discretion and security above all else. The bank’s heyday was in the middle of the 20th century, during the post-war reconstruction boom. In recent years, a series of poor investments resulted in the loss of several important clients, and the private-owned bank is in need of a white knight to save it. The bank found its savior in the form of the Black Sea Bank, bringing in new Russian oil and gas money to preserve old Swiss gold and Arabian petrodollars. In a few days’ time, the final contracts will be signed and the Black Sea Bank – and through them, the Lisky Bratva – will own the Koernersbank.


The Montavon family have been the primary shareholders of the Koernersbank ever since it was founded, and presided over the bank’s rise and subsequent decline. Five members of the family play potential roles in this operation.

  • Andreas Montavon (the patriarch): Andreas presided over the slow decline of the Koernersbank.
  • Julie Montavon (the heir apparent): Andreas’ eldest child and the effective head of the board, she oversees the bank’s investment portfolio.
  • Johan Gallion (the mastermind): Julie’s lover, and the bank’s best investment analyst.
  • Jean Montavon (the gambler): Andreas’ second child, Jean gladhandles the clients and runs the day-to-day operations of the head office. He’s got a moderately serious gambling problem.
  • Clarique Montavon (the black sheep): Clarique is Andreas’ sister.


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