Tag: Level 4


  • Project Werewolf

    Based on Nazi era research, this project's goals included restoring maimed soldiers and creating stronger faster warriors. The results are a qualified success. See Nazi Occult p.67 for original research details. Current research, headed by the …

  • Panecea Pharmaceuticals

    Established in 2008, Panacea Pharmaceuticals's mission statement is "to develop the tools to defeat human suffering and limitations, to extend human potential and overcome mortality." Funded by a consortium of healthcare companies, private individuals, …

  • Dr. Joseph Gerhard

    *Aliases*: The Doctor A former researcher for a secret CIA operation, Joseph administered a highly classified black program called [[Project Werewolf | Project Werewolf]]. A medical doctor, anthropologist and a biochemist, he possesses an astounding …

  • Josef Lisky

    Josef was at heart a traditionalist, a man who still believes in the old code. To be a vor is to be a servant; one must put the good of your organization and your masters ahead of your own. He died when the Kingdom Centre was destroyed.

  • Special Officer Steven Lynch

    Steven Lynch ran the main facility for [[Project Werewolf | Project Werewolf]], minding [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]] and his team. He also handled direct contact with the werewolf operatives. He died when the facility was destroyed.

  • Director Andrew Peirce

    When Peirce was brought onto [[Project Werewolf | Project Werewolf]], it was a wreck. Talbot was their sole success. He ramped up production, repurposed the failures and with a cheerful disregard for ethics brought the program around. He ruthlessly pushed …

  • Dr. Milagros Gomez

    Dr. Gomez lost her fiance in Afghanistan in 2002. She joined the medical corp shortly afterwards, pushing past her grief by trying to help others. She was recruited by a shadowy organization working to rebuild crippled soldiers into killing machines. …

  • Dr. G. D. Dorjiev

    A former Russian researcher involved in biowarfare and psychic research, he looks far younger than his background would suggest. He also is the only person not afraid of the conspiracy.