Tag: Level 3


  • Black Sea Bank

    This Russian bank has clear connections to the Conspiracy and the Lisky Bratva. The Black Sea Bank is headquartered in Odessa, and is a key part of the money laundering chain that starts in Debrecen. Currently it is in the midst of a takeover of the [[ …

  • Madison Smith

    An operative for a top notch intelligence organization Madison supposedly died from injuries suffered during a mission involving an IED. Whatever was done to repair her gave her superhuman strength and a paralytic bite.

  • Talbot

    The first of [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]]'s successes, Talbot worked for the agency before his transformation. He survived the explosion that took out the Castle but not the grenade laucher shot that followed it.

  • Kessler

    The second successful werewolf agent by [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]], Kessler was a very different bird. A former special forces sniper, Kessler can work in a team but only in over watch, he is distantly warm in a way that Talbot never is. …

  • Quist

    The most recent creation of [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]], Quist may have been dead too long. A POW who died before being recovered, the team managed to bring him back from the brink but something else came back with him. He had inhuman …