Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart


A sixtyish man in the uniform of a general in the Canadian Air Force.


Lennart has a perfectly normal-looking career jacket for a Canadian general officer: squadron command, liaison with the USAF, base command, NATO posting. His expertise is logistics; routing flights and supplies from base to field and vice versa. The only anomaly in his file is his sudden transfer to Sarajevo: by rights, he should have finished out his NATO tour at NATO HQ Naples.

Lennart lived in a modest town house in the western Sarajevo suburb of Ilidza (8 km from downtown, 4 km from the base); he had one local woman to cook and clean. She does not live on the premises, but comes in while he was out.

His office was in a building at Camp Butmir, half a kilometer south of Sarajevo International Airport; the base is about a third of a kilometer west of the border of the Republika Srpska, the Serbian zone of Bosnia. At any given time, the base has uniformed personnel from ten or a dozen different nations on it, along with local civilian government officials and workers.

Getting access to Lennart’s office is harder. His adjutant, Captain Sebring, has followed Lennart from post to post, and knows exactly who is and is not supposed to be in the office. As mentioned earlier, Lennart keeps his laptop secured in the office during work hours, and then takes it with him.

His transfer five months ago was set up at his request to get access to records of the Bosnia and Kosovo missions.

He doesn’t drink anything stronger than beer, lets the Canadian Forces retirement plan manage his modest investments, votes Liberal, and his long-term girlfriend in Red Deer, Alberta (to whom he remains faithful) is similarly clean.

His mother had a metastasize case of breast cancer that recently went into remission thanks to a drug trial by Panecea Pharmaceuticals. This may have left him deeply indebted to his real employers. They did not fully trust him, bugging his computer with a tracking device of Canadian Intelligence manufacture.

Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart

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