Arkady Shevlenko

An old tired spy


Arkady Shevlenko looks like death. He clutches an ornate talisman of Levant craftsmanship like its the only thing keeping him alive.

Network Contact: 3


Arkady Shevlenko was born in 1934, and grew up amid the hardship and devastation of World War II. He was the youngest of six brothers, but was the only one to survive the war. He ended up in a state orphanage for a few years.

He was a KGB officer from the day he was recruited in 1955 until he was pensioned off – there was no place for him in the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR) that took over the KGB’s foreign intelligence duties. Shevlenko had a varied but seemingly unremarkable career. He spent some time in the Middle East in the ‘60s and ‘70s, he was attached to the Soviet embassy in the UK in the ‘80s, and he spent the last portion of his career babysitting other old spies. These days, he’s vaguely attached to the Gokhran, a division of the Russian Ministry of Finance that deals with the sale and purchase of precious stones. The Russian government wheels him out to various state functions and foreign trade conferences. For the last twenty years, he’s suffered from a mysterious heart ailment that requires regular treatments by coronary specialists, like Dr. Ingolf of Vienna.

He was in Beirut in 1960 at the same time that St. John Philby died of a heart attack shortly after collapsing at a club (where the waitress who served him and Kim Philby was heard to exclaim in horror, “God! I’ve poisoned him!”).

During the ‘70s, he spent six months in prison in Iran, and was freed by the events of the Revolution in ‘79, having been arrested for the “attempted theft of historical relics.”

Later, back in Moscow, he was assigned as Kim Philby’s final handler. Shevlenko ran Philby’s final debriefing in 1988, just before Kim Philby died. He might have been his last friend too.

Shevlenko’s wife died in 1990 and his son perished in a suspicious plane crash in 1995. His granddaughter Anna is his only surviving relative and she seems to have dropped off the grid..

Most recently he appears to leaking information to the CIA, perhaps in hopes of defecting. Too bad the extraction team died. Luckily for him the agents were able to complete their mission. In gratitude he gave him all the intel he had on the conspiracy.

Arkady Shevlenko

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