String Theory

The Red Eagle

  • After holding up in the mountains for month, the team has put together a plan of action. They intend to shake Brigovic to see what he knows and who responds.
  • Joining them on this mission is Guy, a wheelman and smuggler who used to work with John when he was with the CIA.
  • John meanwhile looked into Madison. His mentor the Chessplayer informed him about a rogue operation in Germany that might be related.
  • Once back in Belgrade, John and Robin slip on board the mobster’s party barge under the guise of a rich heiress and her bad boy date. After staging a fight between the two (and 2 point Flirting spend), Robin gains Brigovic’s trust. He takes her up to his room for some privacy.
  • Robin convinces him to engage in some playful bondage. Once he’s tied up, she Interrogates him (1 point spend) to get the details on his employer.
  • She learns The Bride and Madison are the same person. She and another operative, Talbot, help over see the human trafficking operation here in Belgrade. The laptop theft was for the Bride and not a normal operation. She extracts info on his warehouse’s defenses, robs his safe, and takes his phone and laptop.
  • Outside John scouts the defenses. Brigovic’s door is guarded by his bodyguard. Once Robin alerts him that she is done, he distracts the guard (via Intimidate spend) to give a 3 point Infiltration refresh for Robin’s escape.
  • The pair then slip aboard Guy’s boat before anyone is the wiser.
  • John gets a call from the DOD, Sergei is dead. John goes to check it out. With Guy driving the getaway car and Robin on overwatch, he pretends to be a cop and checks the corpse.
  • Sergei however reanimates and attacks him. John shoots him through the temple (and out the other). Black slime oozes from the wound as Segei throws him across the room. John manages to escape Sergei to the street. As he leaps into Guy’s car, Sergei jumps on the back. Guy shakes him and they toss a molotov (thanks to Preparedness) at him for good measure.
  • The team reassembled at the hotel. John showers. Examining some of the dirt from the corpse, they learn he likely was at Brigovic’s warehouse. Also the black slime seems to be a bacterial mass, specifically containing the black plague.
  • At that point the hacked lobby cameras (Electronic Surveillance) alert them to the authorities arrival.
  • As Robin and John sneak out the back, they notice Madison and her allies waiting for them. A rooftop chase ensues: from fire escape to rooftop, down a storm drain and through a market, before the pair get some bicycles and head fro the meet site.
  • They lose Madison early with another Molotov and Preparedness roll.
  • Guy wanders out, trying not to attract attention (and uses Preparedness to wipe the hotel video). He then races to meet the others, just missing them at the market. He instead finds Madison at the meet and drifts into hit her. She takes a lot of damage and ends up underneath his Audi.
  • John spots the trouble and Guy floors it going nowhere. Madison begins to lift the car and he ducks out, cutting the fuel line along the way. As Guy calmly walks away, John ignites the gas, killing Madison and destroying the car.
  • Robin snatches Madison’s phone and with Preparedness takes a limb (with an axe and heat resistant clothing). They then escape into the city.


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