The Lennart Dossier

Lennart assembled his dossier by a “trawl through everything” method. The Lennart Dossier is a resource similar to a Network contact available to any agent with access to the file. The Lennart Dossier has 4 points in its pool, usable for investigation into conspiracy activities involving NATO or its member governments. Agents can tap that pool like any other investigative skill.

You can “refresh” this pool by transferring points into it from Digital Intrusion, Traffic Analysis, Research, Accounting, or Law; this represents further research on your part to flesh out Lennart’s conclusions or firm up his speculation. Refreshing the pool (or otherwise trying to get access to any of the databases Lennart consulted) requires a Difficulty 6 Digital Intrusion test to avoid alerting the conspiracy, which monitors those sources much more intently knowing that Lennart’s laptop is still out there.


  • Werewolf blood
  • Beta blocker rounds and a dart gun to deliver them: in theory they should weaken werewolves
  • Black slime from Serge Milic


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