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  • Project Werewolf

    Based on Nazi era research, this project's goals included restoring maimed soldiers and creating stronger faster warriors. The results are a qualified success. See Nazi Occult p.67 for original research details. Current research, headed by the …

  • Madison Smith

    An operative for a top notch intelligence organization Madison supposedly died from injuries suffered during a mission involving an IED. Whatever was done to repair her gave her superhuman strength and a paralytic bite.

  • Special Officer Steven Lynch

    Steven Lynch ran the main facility for [[Project Werewolf | Project Werewolf]], minding [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]] and his team. He also handled direct contact with the werewolf operatives. He died when the facility was destroyed.

  • Director Andrew Peirce

    When Peirce was brought onto [[Project Werewolf | Project Werewolf]], it was a wreck. Talbot was their sole success. He ramped up production, repurposed the failures and with a cheerful disregard for ethics brought the program around. He ruthlessly pushed …

  • Dr. Milagros Gomez

    Dr. Gomez lost her fiance in Afghanistan in 2002. She joined the medical corp shortly afterwards, pushing past her grief by trying to help others. She was recruited by a shadowy organization working to rebuild crippled soldiers into killing machines. …

  • Talbot

    The first of [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]]'s successes, Talbot worked for the agency before his transformation. He survived the explosion that took out the Castle but not the grenade laucher shot that followed it.

  • Kessler

    The second successful werewolf agent by [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]], Kessler was a very different bird. A former special forces sniper, Kessler can work in a team but only in over watch, he is distantly warm in a way that Talbot never is. …

  • Quist

    The most recent creation of [[:dr-joseph-gerhard | Dr. Joseph Gerhard]], Quist may have been dead too long. A POW who died before being recovered, the team managed to bring him back from the brink but something else came back with him. He had inhuman …