String Theory

The Call
  • Madison Smith is noted as John’s personal nemesis.
  • As the agents review the data at hand, Robin gets a call on her burner phone. The caller Josef Lisky, head of the Lisky Bratva, wants the laptop and agrees to pay 200 euro each for it. They agree to meet his agent, a vor named Foma Zivanoviv, at One Beirut in two nights.
  • Scarlet investigates the Bratva via Lennart’s laptop. With Accounting help from Robin she learns a couple items:
    • The dossier connects the Lisky Bratva’s funding to the conspiracy, and suggests that a lot of their cash comes out of Odessa.
    • „Accounting traces clear connections between the conspiracy, the Lisky Bratva and the Black Sea Bank. The takeover of the Koernersbank is seen by most commentators as a bizarre misstep by the Black Sea Bank, with some speculating that the BSB is trying to buy respectability and a toehold in Switzerland. Certainly, the move makes little financial sense.
  • After flagging those sections in her copy of the computer, she installs a tracer program on laptop.
  • Robin scopes the club, using Architecture to gain pool of 9 points to spend when dealing with infiltration, combat or escaping the building. We also establish that (via a Criminology spend) that she knows Foma and his tells.
  • Two night later they go to the club. Robin goes in alone, meets with Foma, reveals via video the laptop, and get half of the payment wired. As the others enter the club, Scarlet (via a lucky Sense Trouble notes incoming attackers (one of whom has a bomb vest) and warns Robin.
  • Robin checks that the Russians were not aware and then escapes through a window, grabbing a light and swinging down to the second story rail from the VIP room. she then dismounts from the rail to the dance floor. All in a miniskirt. She gets an Athletics refresh.
  • Then there is an explosion. An athletics roll is made to avoid damage from debris. They spend their pool. Only Robin takes any damage.
  • As Robin escapes out through the sewers, others move out with the crowd. They spot and evade searchers by ducking down an alley and hiding in a garage (found via Human Terrain spend)
  • As they hide, they overhear the men discuss how their boss Asif Amjad, ex-explosives expert for ISIS, will be upset. But they seem more afraid of someone called “the Bride.”
  • They then retrieve the jeep from meet site A, drive to site B, grab Robin, and then pick from their many escape options. Ditching their plan to fly to Morocco, they take a boat to Cyprus. They have Hot Lead 5.
  • From there they take a charter to Athens. At the airport, they hack the security camera and lay down a false trail (Electronic Infiltration contest).
  • They drive north to Albainia, ditch and clear the vehicle, and take train north. Hot Lead 7.
  • (Failing a pursuit roll) On the train they are attacked by goons. Robin hears them coming and sets up an ambush.
  • Robin throws pack into lead goon, surprising him (investigative spend of infiltration). John unload shotgun into goon, Scarlet also fires. Robin does support, spraying fire extinguisher into hall (investigative spend of shooting to boost Hit thresholds by 1) and turning off lights quickly (investigative spend of athletics to do the same).
  • Once most are down, Robin grabs one as a mook shield and does second attack at goon with machine gun. The return fire is mostly absorbed by the now dead goon.
  • John Intimidates the last one into surrendering. They learn the contact info for his boss.
  • They then ditch the train and steal a boat, since John remembers he can Pilot a boat. They escape to Italy. Hot Lead 9.
(S)Entries , Part II
  • Anton turns the tables on Scarlet, escapes and attempts to capture her. She manages to evade him and rejoins the others.
  • After patching themselves up at Serge Milic’s safe house, they do some digging. Along the way they try to trace the money trail for their payment. Scarlet messes up and Serbian gangster come for them. Serge is not happy.
  • After escaping the gangsters, Robin uses her contact Zer0 to track down Rubek to Lebanon.
  • Using cover identities they cross the border to Montenegro and then fly to Lebanon.
  • They arrive too late and discover Rubek is already dead. From hotel footage and evidence at crime scene, he was killed by Madison Smith, a supposedly deceased comrade of John’s. She must possess superhuman strength and a poisonous (paralytic) bite.
  • The group finds another safehouse via Scarlet’s contact Peter Yared. There they dig into the laptop and into Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart himself. They find his mother recently recovered from cancer thanks to the help of Panecea Pharmaceuticals which suggests he might have been leveraged by the Conspiracy.
  • After recovering the SIM card from Georg Rudek’s phone, Scarlet tracks his recent calls to a boat in the Danube in Belgrade. That boat belongs to Danilo Brigovic, a boss in Nasa Stvar.
  • Hired by Georg Rudek for parties unknown, Robin, Scarlet and John (all cover identities) agree to steal a laptop from Brigadier-General Malcolm Lennart, a Canadian Air force officer working with the UN.
  • The job goes off without a hitch but as they cross over from Sarajevo to Serbia, they find themselves pursued by a group of bikers, the Night Wolves.
  • Though John does a fair job at the wheel of the Jeep Cherokee, they eventually crash into a barrier. Robin managed to commandeer one of the motorcycles and helps whittle down the gangs numbers.
  • After overpowering and/or killing the remaining bikers, they take the survivor Yoan to interrogate.
  • Yoan reveals the gang (based out of Bulgaria) was directed by their boss Boris (deceased by a good shot by Robin) under orders from their chapter boss Axeman.
  • Having extracted all information, they eliminate Yoan, find and disable the tracking device on the laptop (which is a modified version used by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service), and exchange their jeep for a stolen car.
  • Robin calls the contact number and leaves a message about a change of meet location to a night club she knows well in Belgrade. She also plants burner phone number on the ditched jeep for pursuers.
  • Robin takes them a nearby safe house with surveillance supplies which Scarlet uses to keep an eye on things.
  • Scarlet uncovers Anton’s ambush preparations. Quietly John takes out his sniper while Robin sneaks into Anton’s car and puts a gun to his head. When he resists she underlines her point by stabbing him in the leg.
  • Persuaded Anton directs his goons to leave the money in the club and drive away. Scarlet retrieves it and find it is fake.
  • Under pressure Anton babbles about vampires and claims he no longer has their money.
  • Then Werewolves attack. One savages Scarlet badly while another gives Anton’s BMW a sunroof. John wrestles with a third. Robin and Anton manage to throw theirs on a wrought iron fence while John barely escapes.
  • Robin leaves Anton under the watchful gun of a very hurt Scarlet. She then retrieves John in a second stolen car.

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