Harry St. John Philby


Harry St. John Philby (1885-1960) was an agent of the British Foreign Office working in the Middle East. At the time, the chief aim of the Foreign Office was to safeguard its interests in the Middle East, especially oil, and they intended to set up an Arabian Federation that would be sympathetic to British interests. The Foreign Office’s chosen figurehead was Sharif Hussein; Philby secretly supported another Arab leader, Ibn Saud. With Philby’s aid and advice, Ibn Saud was able to unify the Arab tribes and became the first king of Saudi Arabia. London saw this as a betrayal, especially when Philby favored American oil companies over the British when selling oil exploration rights to Arabia’s vast reserves.

St. John Philby died in Beirut in 1960, and was buried in the Muslim cemetery there (he converted to Islam in 1930). Persistent rumors insist he was poisoned.

Apparently he also dosed the Saudi royal family with a vampiric plague in 1931 in the hopes of controlling them at a later date. Something must have gone wrong but the Conspiracy is intent on completing his plan.

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It turns out he did become a vampire but only a feral mindless one. Imprisoned in a desert cave he was eventually destroyed.

Harry St. John Philby

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