Anton Dedopovic

A killer, rapist, dying man, expert at survival and jerk


His puffy face and hands, his glittery eyes, and his alternately harsh and thready breathing, showed Anton wasn’t healthy. But his will was strong and his desire to survive knew no bounds.

Even torture didn’t break him. But when his last hope fell through, his spirit broke.


Anton Dedopovic is a piece of work. A killer and rapist during the war, after the Dayton Accords he became a big wheel in the Naša Stvar, the Serbian mafia. He is wired a million different ways in Serbia and the Serbian zone of Bosnia; his main interests are human trafficking and heroin, but he serves as a useful cut-out for any number of operators in the former Yugoslavia.

He usually “stays bought,” at least for the length of a given operation. But that went out the window once he found out he was dying. He believes vampires want Lennart‘s laptop and that they can save his life. He escaped without his prize but he’s a resourceful man.

Or was until the Lisky Bratva got a hold of him. They used him as bait but the team didn’t bite. He’s dead now. Vampire food for Simon Thronradel.

Anton Dedopovic

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