String Theory

Post Mortem

  • With John hunting down a lead of his own, the rest of the team take a train across Italy and then a ferry to Corsica.
  • In transit Scarlet and Robin investigate a suspicious delivery van. Some quick cell phone investigation (and Criminology spend) turns up that the men in the cab are “Lefty” Rico and Bronco, Italian hit men associated with the Serbian mob.
  • In the vehicle bay, Robin watches the men (plus a third) talk. Lefty seems worried about something in the van. After Lefty and Bronco head upstairs, she sneaks up to van. She spots a werewolf inside and it smells her. As it bursts its chains, she shuts the door and finds cover.
  • Up above, Scarlet attempts to impersonate a German tourist but fails to blend in. As a rain storm moves in, she is spotted and Lefty grabs her. She quickly escapes heading down below.
  • As Scarlet hits the fire alarm, Robin targets the gas tank a nearby car as the werewolf escapes. The blast burns it badly and wounds Lefty as he hurries after Scarlet. He warns Bronco to remember the word and then fires at the women.
  • Scarlet shoots and kills Lefty while Bronco is torn apart by the werewolf. The sprinklers turn on.
  • The werewolf charges them and a pair of sailors who came down to deal with the fire. Robin gets bruised up and a sailor dies before the ebast is taken down by close range gun fire.
  • Scarlet grabs the dogtags from the body and a sample of its blood.
  • Robin grabs some notes from van (aided by a fire extinguisher she retroactively grabbed via Preparedness)
  • After a comedy of failures to avoid officials, the pair escape police scrutiny and reach the safe house (it involved a successful Disguise by Scarlet, a failure by Robin plus a failure to hide. she is saved by a rumor about speedboat created by her companion)

Werewolf intel

  • The body was that of a man, heavily modified by surgery and drugs. Signs of adrenaline and steroid abuse were present.
  • Dog tags identify him as Sgt. Patrick McDermott, a former navy SEAL. He was connected to Madison Smith’s unit.
  • Some chemistry work allowed them to concoct drug regime to counter act the artificial adrenaline in the creature’s system.

Going Forward


After mapping out connections, the team decided that targeting Danilo Brigovic would yield the most intel for the least work. With Scarlet hanging back to pour over the laptop contents, John and Scarlet geared up for a return trip to Belgrade.


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