String Theory

Operation Rollup

  • Nasir, an ex-Pakistani Intelligence Cuckoo, who engages the group upon discovering they face a threat similar to one he has seen in the past. Some of the team has worked with him in the past but Robin remains skeptical.
  • Scarlet arrives in Belgrad suffering from amnesia. She holds it together however (Stability check). Under hypnosis she recalls an attack through a window. Analysis of her wounds and other clues support the narrative of an attack on the cabin. A single strangely blurry photo shows her attacker (thanks to a Photography spend). Oddly everything but the intruder is in focus.
  • To remove the local human trafficking operation and destroy this node of the conspiracy, the team decides to split in two. One team will blow the warehouse while the other hijacks the next outbound shipment of slaves/refugees/werewolf food. Robin fails her Preparedness roll roll to retroactively have the command words for the werewolves.
  • Robin and Nasir infiltrate to plant the charges (Robin piggybacks and Nasir uses his MOS). John (now on the other team) constructed them from materials procured by another team member (with Preparedness). They have some extra punch (since he spent extra on the Explosives roll)
  • John and Guy plan to hijack the truck once the container is hooked up. Guy uses Traffic analysis to find where the truck is likely to get bogged down on the way to the warehouse. He and John then hook themselves to the bottom of the truck and ride it in.
  • Scarlet meanwhile hacks the security cameras (Digital Intrusion) and watches. She makes her Sense Trouble roll and alerts the others to Serge’s arrival. The guards sicken as he approaches and he crushes the neck of the survivor.
  • Inside Nasir begins setting charges while Robin takes the high ground. They both maek the necessary Infiltration checks.
  • As Serge forces his way in, Guy and John roll out from under the truck and jump in. Guy uses his Driving MOS to avoid anyone catching them on foot.
  • A car chase ensues as one jeep races after them. Two goons fire from the jeep while John fires back at the driver. One wheel is shot out before John puts two rounds in the driver ending the chase.
  • Inside with the charges set, Nasir and Robin bug out, exiting just after the back guards move in to save Danilo Brigovic from Serge. They steal a boat, drive across the river and then trigger the bomb.
  • Scarlet plants evidence to suggest Islamic terrorists were behind this. Guy ditches the truck and everyone evades the police. One last video feed shows Serge emerging from rubble (despite taking 18 explosive damage, 9 falling rubble damage, and many machine gun rounds).
  • The team individually leaves Serbia. Guy under the guise of “El Gordo” a food blogger, Nasir as Fazah Ahmed, an American Embassy Staffer, Scarlet travels as a doctor without borders and John uses his old military historian. Robin travels as translator. All make their cover checks.
  • John meets his mentor The Chessplayer and gets intel connecting a Dr. Gomez to the group creating these werewolves. Scarlet builds a dossier on her and the team plans to trail her when she next moves someone.
  • Robin meanwhile gets a line on a lucrative bank heist for their next gig. The target is a Swiss bank in the process of being acquired by Black Sea Bank, a tool of the Lisky Bratva.


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